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Independent Movement of Actively Involved Citizens of Western Mani

     Friends and compatriots, whether you have chosen Western Mani, our revered land, as your permanent home or as a frequent visit, the unprecedented economic crisis that has been plaguing Greece during the last eight years has inevitably been affecting our municipality. It has created serious daily problems and has gradually expanded the pre-existing disorders and deficiencies that were mainly created by the lack of vision and inability of the previous local political leaders to take advantage and utilize new technologies and opportunities offered by the European Union.
Becoming fully cognizant of the hardships facing us these challenging times, driven by our love for our native land – where we presently reside – knowing full well that we can overcome our obstacles and being enlightened by other successful examples in corresponding municipalities all over Greece, we, actively involved citizens representing all municipal districts, have decided to participate by creating this movement whose sole purpose is overcoming and solving the existing problems.
The driving force behind the creation of our group is the imperative need to upgrade our Municipality while keeping the vision of European ideals, so that we can effectively respond to the challenges of our times such as:
– education – sports
– health
– tourism
– improved cleanliness
– creating infrastructure of services for vulnerable groups and particularly the elderly
– environmental improvement
– highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoors
– pedestrian traffic safety
– promotion of the unique beneficial qualities of all locally produced olive oil and other local products
aiming to improve the living conditions of all inhabitants.
The complacency and reluctance to actively get involved and confront all the needs above has contributed to this decline and complete lack of effort.
Therefore we decided not to settle with a downward course.
We decided to lead the way with a sincere effort and actively participate in the local politics of our Municipality in order to change what does not represent us and we do not deserve.
We decided to take action by creating “Independent Movement of Actively Involved Citizens of Western Mani” which means:
1. That we will not be limited by findings and subdued complaints but we will proceed with making a reality all sensible proposals for our Municipality by creating prospects to highlight and develop the local natural beauty of the outdoors.
2. That we leave behind anything holding our efforts back such as political party barriers, labels and past fixations so that we can work together in a spirit of cooperation, determination and mutual understanding.
3. That we abandon the rationality of management and follow faithfully the rationality of development.
4. That we stop talking about the citizens but start talking with the citizens.
5. That we do not correct anything traditional but we bring and train with the new.
6. That we design a Municipality to fight and gain any lost momentum and chances previously lost by taking advantage of all opportunities and utilizing the available programs offered through the European Union.
7. That we plan a Municipality committed to the cultural values, the history and the traditions of the Mani region which we highlight through local events and celebrations.

Whether you live permanently in the Western Mani Municipality or not, we invite and urge you to become actively involved in determining, ranking and managing all the topics that concern us by submitting your views at: info@energipolitesditikismanis.gr


δημαρχος δυτικης μανης

Evangelos Androvitsaneas


Address: Agios Nikon,West Mani, 24023
Themistokleous 19, Cholargos, Athens 15562, Greece
Telephone: +30-211-0101858 , +30-6943484100
E-mail Address: epandrovitsaneas@gmail.com
Nationality: Greek
Date / Place of Birth: 09/17/1957 Mani, Peloponnese
Marital Status: Married, father of 2 adult children (28 and 20 years old)
1969-1974 High School, Areopolis, Mani
1975 High School Diploma, 3rd HS, Ampelokipi, Athens
1979 Graduate from the Hellenic Naval Academy
1981 Officer Degree in Submarine Studies at Hellenic Submarine School
1983 Sailing License (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club)
1987 Degree of Executive Officer in Submarines (Hellenic Submarine School)
1990 Degree of Commanding Officer in Submarines (Hellenic Submarine School)
1995 Degree of Naval War College

2008-2010: Director of HNGS/ B Branch (personnel, education, organization)
2005-2008: Naval Attaché in the Hellenic Embassy of Germany in Berlin
2003-2004: Training director in the Hellenic navy training command
2002-2003: Commanding officer of H.S. NEARCHOS Adams class destroyer
2000-2002: Director in weapons establishment-NATO Ammo Depot at SUDA naval base in Crete
1998-2000: Chief of staff at the Hellenic submarines command
1990-1995: Commanding officer of H.S. POSSIDON 209 class submarine
1981-1987: Executive, weapons, operation, navigation officer in 209 class submarines
Greek, English and German
Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel), Internet, Social Media
Organizing and Commanding Abilities
Communicational and Creativity Abilities
Team Spirit
Flexibility and Adaptability
Forceful Personality
Social Conscience
Sailing, Literature, Travels, Gardening